Feliz dia del administrador!


Feliz dia del administrador de sistemas 🙂 – Hoy, Ultimo viernes de Julio, se festeja el dia del administrador de sistemas.

Asi que ya saben, si no recibo algunas invitaciones a cervecear para antes de las 19hs, me vere obligado a cortar Internet.

Y les dejo una joyita, una parodia de Pulp Fiction…

Pulp Administrator, With apologies to QT and SLJ

Do you read assembly language, Brad? There’s a few lines of Code I’ve got memorized


«The path of the Network Administrator is beset upon all sides by the inequities of the ignorant hacker and the tyranny of jackass users.
Blessed is he who, in the name of file retention and network security, shepherds the newbie through the darkness of the Internet.
For he is truly his users administrator and the finder of lost files.
And I will strike down upon keys with great vengance and furious deletion those who would attempt to poison and destroy my network.
And you will know I am root when I lay my lockout upon thee.»

I been typin’ that shit for years.
And if you read it, it meant your ass.
I never really gave much thought about what it meant ‘till just now.
I just thought it was just some cold-blooded shit to IM to user before I locked his ass out of the network.
But I saw some shit this mornin’ made me think twice.

Now I’m thinkin’, it could mean you’re the jackass user.
And I’m the Administrator.
And Mr. PalmPilot here, he’s the shepherd protecting my Administrator account in the darkness of the Internet.
Or it could be, you’re the Administrator, and I’m the shepherd, and it’s the Internet that’s an ignorant jackass.
I’d like that.
But that shit ain’t the truth.
The truth is…
(he levels the PalmPilot and speaks deliberately)
You’re the weak
And I am the tyranny of jackass users.
But I’m tryin’ Brad, I’m tryin’ real hard, to be a shepherd.

Acerca de Buanzo

Io que se!
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4 respuestas a Feliz dia del administrador!

  1. Maria dijo:

    no compliqués las cosas! posteá en castellano…

  2. Maria dijo:

    por quejarme, me perdi la oportunidad de felicitarte.

    ¡feliz dia buanzo!

  3. Arturo 'Buanzo' Busleiman dijo:

    Je, pasa que traducido al castellano era demasiado horrible, y, por otra parte… es muy de pulp fiction, no podia cambiarlo 🙂

    Gracias por la felicidad 😉

  4. Anonymous dijo:

    Tarde pero seguro, voy saludando.
    Feliz día? tengo que decir?
    la cerveza en otro momento.jajaaj

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