One thing Firefox lacks

To tell you all the truth, I have not tested Firefox 2.0 yet, or even updated myself on it’s potential/existing new features.

Now, I was just uploading some pictures of my punk-rock band to the picasaweb test Google has put online, when I noticed a simple, quite stupid really, fact: No browser that I know of EVER shows UPLOAD progress.

Yes, we are all used to different kinds of download progress windows, bars, notifications, whatever: but there is no single browser (that I use, that is) that shows upload progress.

And, of course, that’s quite a nuisance. Specially when Picasaweb allows you to upload 5 pictures at a time. 😛

Talk to you later 😛


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1 respuesta a One thing Firefox lacks

  1. Simon dijo:

    I know… I’m frustrated at the same thing. No idea why it isn’t implemented. Is it really that technically difficult?


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