Outlook Replacement for Windows and Exchange

Some of you may know that there is a Microsoft Outlook «clon» called Novell Evolution. Some of you may know that it is one of the best eMail clients for Linux, the only one that can give fight to Mozilla Thunderbird and Sylpheed.

But, less than some of you may be aware that Mark Pinto has packaged Evolution for Windows (originally ported by Tor Lillqvist) into a nice installer, adding some of his own tweaks here and there.

But, please let me reproduce here one of the paragraphs of Mark’s site (that you can find by clicking here):

Evolution is an incredibly versatile email/calendar/PIM that took the Linux world by storm a few years ago. It has been called an ‘Outlook replacement’ by every tech site from ZDNET to InfoWorld. Evolution played a major role in allowing the Linux desktop to move into the enterprise by being able to connect to Microsoft Exchange Server and schedule/accept Microsoft Outlook Meetings.

Yes, you definitely have to give it a try, specially if you have to save money or need to prepare your users for a migration to GNU/Linux.

Give it a try!


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