Using wxMozilla with Firefox 1.5

In a message posted to the wxmozilla-devel mailing list, Michael Bonfils provided a patch to wxmozilla’s code to get it to compile/link against Firefox 1.5. He did this for Windows platforms, but the patch should work on Unix/Linux, too.

This is what he said:


I've made a patch (with a diff -u -b -w -E)
it's available at

which also contains three minors addons :

you can now set a cookie with
wxMozillaBrowser::SetCookie( url, name, value )

a proxy if needed
wxMozillaBrowser::SetProxy( username, password, ip_proxy, port, type
(1=http, 2=socks) )

you can now read a http header (need rewrote to not use static wxString)
in wxMozillaBrowserChrome::OnStateChange (header "X-IO-PAGE-ID" in my
code) and read with a wxMozillaBrowser::GetPageID()

and the GRE files are here :

I've used wxWidgets 2.6.1, VC2003 and XP.

If I find time, I'll try to test that under Ubuntu.

Thanks to all,

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