No "L" (no love?) in Google’s St Valentine’s Logo

6.50am. Saint Valentine’s Day. The day of Lovers. Oh yeah 😛

As usual, I fired up Firefox and went to (yes, I’m from Argentina, but that was pretty obvious already). My wife noticed something weird with the Google Logo for this «Special» Day: It says Googe! That doesn’t sound as the slang for Love in some obscure american dialect. SOunds more like an artistic mistake. Actually, I think the «L» is there, but it’s just very badly designed.

Anyway, take a look at the logo. It’s there on – But, as soon as this day is over they’re gonna replace it with the standard Google Logo, that’s why I saved the St. Valentin’s 2007 Logo without «L» here.

Yes. I know. This has nothing to do with consulting, Linux, programming… but what the hell!


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