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I’ve setup a service that many of you will find useful. It is a PROXY server (paid monthly, via paypal) that hides your IP, hides certain HTTP Headers, and also prevents the famous DNS Leaking issue. In short, an Anonymizing Proxy.

Why one more service as there are lots of them already? Simple: I’m a well-known security consultant and Free/Libre Open Source developer. Security, Privacy and Free Speech are my favorite words.

If you want to check out the service, for as low as USD 9.95 per month, via Paypal Subscriptions, you’ll get a username and password. Once you have them, just configure your Browser to use this Proxy Settings:

Proxy Host:
Proxy Port: 9876
Username and Password: Provided by Paypal when you subscribe to the service.

I’m also waiting to buy an SSL Certificate, so I can offer an SSL/TLS Proxy Port, but special customers can contact me, and I can offer a VPN account to get into the Proxy, so they’re own traffic is also encrypted!

To SUBSCRIBE to the Anonymous Proxy Service, click here:

To CANCEL your Subscription, click here:

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4 respuestas a Anonymous Internet Browsing Service

  1. Max dijo:


    Your proxy service interests me. But is your service only for personal web browsing?

    I run a wsmall website that makes http requests to fetch some webpages on the internet. I hope to do this thru a proxy server to reduce the cost.

    The data volumn is about 1GB monthly (still growing). This is a business service, we need to ensure the stability. Do you accetp my subscription?

  2. Arturo 'Buanzo' Busleiman dijo:

    Hi Max, please contact me via eMail and we can discuss it.

    buanzo at

  3. Angelo dijo:

    Cuantas IPs forman parte del proxy?
    Necesito un proxy que valla rotando de IP cada 3 o 4 connecciones y entre 100 y 200 IPs.
    No necesito practicamente NADA de trafico , son solamente clicks.
    Si funciona asi, no tengo problemas en probar por $9,95

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