Apache Frustration :P

Oh well, as I haven’t got one reply to all of my questions in modules-dev, and not even one comment regarding mod_openpgp when I introduced it to the httpd-dev guys, and given the fact that I’m stuck with a big issue regarding mod_auth_openpgp (whole-request rewriting, post-decryption), then I’ve decided to rest for a while regarding the Encryption/Decryption functionality of Enigform and mod_auth_openpgp and finish another interesting feature, that will make OpenPGP auth be easier to adopt by webmasters: Session Control.

The whole idea is similar to what gpgAuth currently offers, but implemented directly into Apache as a feature of mod_openpgp. Kyle Huff, author of gpgAuth and FireGPG’s gpgAuth implementation, is helping a lot with the ideas behind it. I’ll be posting all the details in the official Enigform / mod_openpgp forum.


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