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This is a copy of an eMail I just got from Sylvia, a very talented writer woman who used to be a programmer a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time ago:



This is to let you know that the first six chapters of my novel Stewards of the Flame are now online at www.stewardsoftheflame.com (they’re short — there are 68 chapters in the book). So now you can get some idea of what it’s like, though these chapters don’t reach the part of the story dealing with the paranormal. Jesse Sanders is getting into something much more complicated than he guesses at first.
To read the sample, click through from the entry page and scroll down to the link just before the box.

Some of you may be hearing of this novel for the first time; I know that my original messages about it were rejected by some spam filters. I have now taken the synonym for «grown-ups» out of the body of the message rather than just subject line, and I hope that helps! But in case you were among those who didn’t get the earlier ones, I need to make plain that this is not a book for children. If you’re curious about why it’s not, there’s a post about that in my blog at http://towardtomorrow.blogspot.com.

I’ll appreciate if you can spread the word that this novel exists among people you know who might be interested — because it’s a print-on-demand book, the only way readers can learn of it is through my mailing list, or if they happen to come across the few Web notices that have appeared, or search for my name at Amazon.com. I hope for some reviews on the Web, but it’s a little too soon for that; and it will not be reviewed by print publications (which require galleys to be submitted 3 months ahead of publication and won’t accept finished books).

Print-on-demand doesn’t mean individual demand — Amazon and the other sellers listed at www.stewardoftheflame.com have it in stock, and I have plenty of copies on hand for those who want signed ones.



Please, if you have a blog or web site or whatever means of word-spreading, take Sylvia’s message and spread it.


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