El ACP Abusa de Sourceforge

UPDATE: El 4 de Enero de 2008 SourceForge.net ha dado de baja los proyectos en cuestion. GRACIAS SF.NET!!!!!

Esta es una copia de un eMail que acabo de enviar a varias persona de SourceForge, al LUG de Zona Norte Buenos Aires y a gente de la ACP. La ACP esta abusando de los recursos de sourceforge.net para hostear su sitio, y hacen referencia al mismo en sus SPAM. Para mas informacion, vean los Mensajes Relacionados.

==Dear people at sf.net,

I am Buanzo, a sf.net user/developer, even a member of the SF Marketplace.

I’d like to let you know that an argentinian company that call themselves the «Club de Programadores» (Programmer’s Club), a company that sends MASSIVE volume of SPAM to argentinian email addresses, are abusing the free hosting services that SourceForge provides:

Attached in this email you will find the complete source code to one of their spam messages, where you will be able to see that they include a link to the http://www.clubdeprogramadores.com/ site, which, at the bottom, has a link to a «View Source» (In Spanish: Ver Codigo Fuente) address, which itself points to: http://acpportal.cvs.sourceforge.net/acpportal/acpportal/index.php?view=markup. No «sourceforge.net» logo is on the main page.

Users leonelquinteros and arielalegre are the owners / admins of this project.

This is clearly an EXCESS of abuse on behalf of the Club de Programadores.

This is a list of all the abusive projects:

http://sourceforge.net/projects/acpcontactos/ (seems inactive)

If you have any spanish speaking member of your staff, you can find LOTS of SPAM complaints, for example, on my own blog, or via google:

1) From my blog:


2) Google Search: (search keywords: spam club de programadores [Programmer’s Club spam…])


Please, PLEASE do something about them. The argentinian community is SICK of these company. They do not listen to «please remove me» requests, and WE have no legal grounds to start sue them. But abusing SF.NET is too much for my feelings.

A copy of this eMail has been posted on my blog at:

Arturo Alberto Busleiman, a.k.a Buanzo
Security Consultant, Linux programmer, part of the Audacity and Nmap teams. Expert contributor to the SANS TOP 20 (2004, 2005, 2006, 2007), writer of the Unix chapter of OISSG’s Information Systems Security Assessment Framework), contributor System Administrators Magazine, author of OpenPGP Extensions to HTTP Protocol (Firefox’s Enigform and Apache’s mod_openpgp), and a proud SF.net user.


No duden en consultar con Ariel J. Alegre:

Rosario 755 1 A
Capital Federal , barrio:caballito

Acerca de Buanzo

Io que se!
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  1. Mariano dijo:

    Que bien che! yo soy alumno de el club y hoy me entero de esto, sali a investigar luego de ver que no paran de caer mails a mis cuentas… personalmente voy a hablar con «el responzable» de esto… saludos, luego les cuento como me fue.

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