Solution to vmware server and bus identification

You ever wanted to add a hard disk to a vmware virtual machine using /dev/disk/by-path/* ?

Then you know vmware will say it can’t identify the bus type.

Do you want a QUICK workaround, which is WAY better than patching the tools using vmgbd?

Well, then just do this

~ # ln -sf /dev/disk /dev/sd

And there you go. Instead of /dev/disk/by-path/someweirdstringinhere use /dev/sd/by-path/someweirdstringinhere.

Vmware’s parser identifies the first 7 chars of the device name… «/dev/sd» 😉

Of course, remember to make the link every time the server restarts, (/etc/rc.local maybe), because udev will make it go away. Maybe there’s a better solution using udev directly (like persistent storage using sd/ instead of disk/).

But it works. And is better than patching vmware 🙂

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