Buanzo, Las Vegas & Defcon

Well, I’ve arrived in Vegas on Sunday 3rd, August. Almost a week ago, and I’m departing tomorrow, Sunday 10.

After checking in to the hotel (Platinum, a non-smoking, non-gambling hotel) my wife and I met some people: Roger Dingledine (TOR) and his wife (both friends of mine), Nancy and Hayden (DoD), Ilya Vasilyev (Russia, Civil hackers school), Mike Stan, FX, Thomas and others (will link to their companies if I get permission).

After taking a nap, we all went to Lowry’s for dinner. We spent Monday and Tuesday talking in the hotel, in a private symposium organized by System Defenses International, and coordinated by it’s president, Fred Villella. I can’t share with you what the rest of the speakers discussed, but of course I talked about the current state of affairs in Argentina regarding «cybercrimes», then I made a presentation on Enigform: OpenPGP Enhancements to HTTP.

A couple of days later Defcon started. I didn’t quite enjoyed it, but I met Gordon ‘Fyodor’ Lyon (Nmap) who wrote a nice dedication to me («Buanzo, thanks for all the nmap help. Hope you enjoy the new book!»). Then I discovered that Fyodor had included me in his Blackhat and defcon talks, in the acknowledgements slide («Top Contributors»). Thanks, F!

My wife and I enjoyed lots of free time together, this being our first trip since we got married. And what a trip! Las Vegas for free! 😀

I’ll post pictures later. C-ya!

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