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Mail Server Protection Service

Hello everybody! Some of you probably know the fact that I have a decade and half of Linux experience, and that I have always been interested in server-side security: hardening, forensics, proactive security, etc. I have a cluster of 100% DEDICATED Linux servers around the world that I’m turning into a service. If you have […]

Consegui Absenta Artesanal: UNA DELICIA…. y potente ;)

El famoso licor de ajenjo prohibido. Verde que se torna verde-lechoso al agrearle agua bien fria poco a poco sobre un terron de azucar… licor que luego de 2 o 3 medidas… explota tu cerebro y te da sueños super lucidos, y una hermosa ausencia de resaca al otro dia…. RIQUISIMO. Agradezco a la gente […]

Lighttpd Book – Chapter 10 for free download!

The people at Packt Publishing offered me a free copy of their new book about Lighttpd. While I finish my review, I’d like to share with you the Chapter 10 (FREE PDF Download click here). They gave me permission to offer Chapter 10, which talks about lighttpd migration from Apache. Take a look at it, […]

SOLUTION: How to avoid https for vmware server 2.0

You are happy. After a couple minutes, vmware server 2.0 was installed. All was running. Then you pointed your browser to http://yourserver:8222 and a bunch of warnings and messages asking to ‘identify yourself’ using ssl client certificates drived you mad. You went to google. Found this post, and here you are: How to workaround that […]