SOLUTION: How to avoid https for vmware server 2.0

You are happy. After a couple minutes, vmware server 2.0 was installed. All was running. Then you pointed your browser to http://yourserver:8222 and a bunch of warnings and messages asking to ‘identify yourself’ using ssl client certificates drived you mad. You went to google. Found this post, and here you are: How to workaround that problem, and be able to use http instead of https. Yes, not a solution (sorry, had to SEO the title of this post, you know), but a convenient workaround, specially if an OpenVPN layer is on top of that unsecured http management interface 🙂

Open /etc/vmware/hostd/proxy.xml, find the section mentioning port 8308. For Windows, the file is located at C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\VMware\VMware Server\hostd (thanks brianhks1 from vmware forums). Then edit it like this:

<e id=»2″>
<!–      <accessMode>httpsWithRedirect</accessMode> –>

Finally, restart vmware and you’re done. BUT you need to access it like this: http://yourserver:8308/ui/

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3 respuestas a SOLUTION: How to avoid https for vmware server 2.0

  1. xavier dijo:

    Thanks thanks thanks!

  2. Thank you very much for your posting, it helped me solve this annoying problem.

    Do you mind if I post it in my blog giving you appropriate credits?



  3. Edgar dijo:

    Thanks man ! But, this way, seems like you can’t open a console to see the VM. It says: «The attempt to acquire a valid session ticket timedout»

    Regards and thanks

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