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SOLUTION: Bind 9.5.0 for Centos 5

There are a number of posts out there showing how to install the Bind 9.5.0-P1 source RPM packages on CentOS, so you can build and upgrade your Bind 9.3.4, to make use of allow-query-cache. Problem is, there’s a MINOR detail. If you follow the procedure, you get this problem: error: Failed dependencies: is needed […]

GMM – Este Sabado 2 de Mayo, 14hs

La Global Marihuana March se realiza el 1er Sabado de Mayo desde hace casi una decada en simultaneo con las principales ciudades del mundo. GLOBAL MARIHUANA MARCH… 2OO9 EL SABADO 2 DE MAYO A PARTIR DE LAS 14HS EN EL PLANETARIO !!!! Reclamamos: – Despenalizar la tenencia de drogas para consumo personal (Modificar el […]

Buanzo en Flisol Quilmes

Gente, voy a pasar el dia en la FLISOL de Quilmes, en la UNQUI. Nos vemos!

Me voy a Francia – Trophees du Libre – Enigform y mod_openpgp

Amigos, fui seleccionado como uno de los tres finalistas en la categoria Seguridad de los Trophees du Libre 2009: KSplice, Inquisitor y Enigform son los tres proyectos en la misma. Es un orgullo y un honor compartir esta alegria con Jeff Arnold y Mikhail Yakshin. Nos vemos alla!

TELECENTRO ISP: Vulnerable to ARP Poisoning (argentina)

linking to original source:

fail2ban patch: ban IP address manually

fail2ban bans IP address of attackers it gathers from service logs (Apache, postfix, etc). It has a command line utility to start/stop fail2ban, plus getting status reports, etc. But it didn’t have a command to manually add a banned IP for a certain jail. This patch adds that functionality. I’ve sent it to Cyril today […]

Fail2ban filter for PHP Injection attacks

Aren’t you just tired of the massive amount of PHP Remote Injection attacks registered in your access log? You know, the ones that look like this: GET /index.php?n= Even if you secure your webserver, and set allow_url_fopen = false in php.ini, the attack is still annoying. Just make sure you save this file to your […]