SOLUTION: Bind 9.5.0 for Centos 5

There are a number of posts out there showing how to install the Bind 9.5.0-P1 source RPM packages on CentOS, so you can build and upgrade your Bind 9.3.4, to make use of allow-query-cache.

Problem is, there’s a MINOR detail. If you follow the procedure, you get this problem:

error: Failed dependencies: is needed by bind-libs-9.5.0-33.P1.i386 is needed by bind-libs-9.5.0-33.P1.i386 is needed by bind-libs-9.5.0-33.P1.i386

Of course. It sounds catch-22. How can bind-libs require when it provides a newer one?

I, knowing that rpm and spec files are relatively flawed (ok, probably not, I just don’t like them. Give me a break, I found the solution and I’m posting it! :D), thought «What if rpmbuild -bb bind.spec finds the currently installed bind, and for some weird reason, includes THAT versions dependencies on the NEW version?». That’s exactly what was happening, it seems, cause I only had to remove the current bind packages (via yum remove, full procedure below), then re-run rpmbuild -bb bind.spec, then rpm -ivh the new rpm files (as needed). Voila. No more old-version dependencies, and it works PERFECT.

Here is what you need to do:

cd /tmp
rpm -ivh bind-9.5.0-33.P1.src.rpm
cp /etc/named.conf /root/named.conf
yum remove bind bind-libs bind-utils caching-nameserver
cd /usr/src/redhat/SPECS
rpmbuild -bb bind.spec
cd /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i386
rpm -ivh bind-9.5.0-33.P1.i386.rpm bind-utils-9.5.0-33.P1.i386.rpm bind-libs-9.5.0-33.P1.i386.rpm
cp /root/named.conf /etc

rpm -q bind show show 9.5.0 🙂

Now you use the new allow-query-cache parameter.

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