My account of BlueHat Buenos Aires 2010.

First of all: Yes, this is a Microsoft conference. But, more in detail, it’s a GOOD, *SECURITY* Microsoft conference.

Second: I’m a security guy. And Microsoft has been doing a great effort in this area in the past months.

Third: Enigform interest awakened in Microsoft.

ERGO -> I was invited.

I got there just after the Panel with researchers ended. I came across Felix ‘FX’ Lindner, an acquantaince of mine from a pre-Defcon private symposium in Las Vegas, 2008, where we both gave talks to a military and 3-letter-agency crowd. So, it was real nice to see him again. Incredibly intelligent and resourceful fellow, which a sharp sense of humor. So, the conference started fine for me ­čśŤ

The first talk I attended was delivered by the incredibly beautiful Kristen Dennesen, an intelligence analyst from iDefense. I didn’t even say hi, but, hey, I’m a happily married Buanzo ­čÖé – She made a duo with Mr. De Paula, but he had some microphone issues, and I didn’t get to enjoy his part of the talk as much. The talk was called ┬źThe Vulnerability Market: aa Latin American Perspective┬╗.

Of all the talks, FX’s and Chris Hoff’s were definitely the best. Chris’ talk was entitled ┬źCloudifornication┬╗, and yes, it was about the Cloud. I enjoyed it very much. Chris is very energetic, and speaks a fast, yet amazingly clear, English. I never use translation services, and Chris is a pleasure to listen to. Too bad I didn’t get to talk more with him.

During a break I found my good friend Domingo Montanaro, and I’m very very happy I got the chance to talk with him during and after the conference. I think I might be visiting Rio de Janeiro soon ­čÖé

FX’s talk was a great way of showing the ‘customers’ and ‘managers’ part of the crowd how not only servers and desktop computers are to be secured. He gave a wonderful detail of printers’, fax servers and, among other, VoIP devices vulnerabilities. LOL, he even showed a nice map of how a satellite link from a Buenos AIres office could be sniffed and used to get into a network from CANADA. The faces of the crowd were so funny ­čÖé

I missed a couple talks because I had to talk with lots of people, mainly Microsoft managers and developers, both local, regional and USA-based. I tried to align those encounters during non-technical talks (sorry, non-technical talkers, but I had to make a choice, no disrespect intended).

The breaks and lunch/pre-dinner were wonderful. The catering company, ┬źZeta Catering┬╗, run by Chef Chirola Rodriguez (chirola en zetacatering punto com), was WONDERFUL. The waiters: AMAZING. Here goes my Kudos to Mr. Mariano, who became my pseudo-personal waiter. Great guy.

Anyway, the conference was great, and I thank Alejandro Ponicke and Christian Linacre for the invitation.

I look forward to the next one!

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  1. GreyCat dijo:

    It’s great to hear that, Buanzo ­čśë Have you given any talk about Enigform? Had Microsoft expressed their interest in Enigform in any more concrete proposals or it’s secret for now?

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