Archivo de julio, 2010

[SOLUTION] Slow framerate with fglrx

If you run glxinfo and get something around 60FPS (300 in 5 seconds), then you have the vertical sync set to QUALITY. Open the AMD control center with amdcccle Go to the “More Settings” item inside the “3D” Page on the left. Change “Wait for vertical refresh” to “Performance”. Done. I get this: [email protected]:~$ fgl_glxgears […]

FIX: fail2ban does not work in Ubuntu 10.04

In Ubuntu 10.04, rsyslogd is used. That means that, by default, it compresses repeated syslog messages like this: Failed password for root from port 22 ssh2 last message repeated 5 time So, fail2ban count would be ‘1’ for the attack coming from that IP. The fix: sudo sed -i ‘s/RepeatedMsgReduction\ on/RepeatedMsgReduction\ off/’ /etc/rsyslog.conf sudo […]