I love music.

Even before I even loved technology, I loved music.

You know, it’s not really clear in my mind. I close my eyes and music and equipment/technology go hand in hand. Playing the piano: it was an electric organ, full of lights and knobs and pedals and STUFF. And one of the first things I ever enjoyed doing with a computer was NOISES. Or music. Whatever.

That’s how I learned about ADC/DACs (Analogic-to-digital converters, and viceversa). A magazine here in Argentina decided to ship a printer-port (parallel, lots of pins, wide as hell. damn ESDs!) that allowed applications to abuse an interfaced that converted data into audio. You would plug the other end of the interface into your stereo’s inputs. Oh, that’s called RCA? Good to know. I hate those.

And so, trying to find something that could help me enjoy that interface, other than games… I found MODEDIT.

That was called a tracker. It had 4 channels I believe. Supported .SAM format samples, which you could then use on those four channels, to produce a .MOD file, that you would play somehow.

I used to program tunes using BASIC, playing thru the internal computer speaker. A tracker such as MODEDIT was a higher abstraction layer. Not TOO up there, but interesting enough.

And I played the guitar a lot. And came across more computer software for music production. And then synthesizers. Sequencers. OMG.

This happened:

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