Archivo de noviembre, 2015

WebLorean: a syadmin tool. a security tool.

Hi. On 19th November 2015 I published the WebLorean tool, which implements the technique described in my 2600 Article entitled “Abusing the Past”, which you can read here: The tool is useful for sysadmins, hostmasters, web designers (with linux knowledge), etc. It is also useful for pentesters! It might be immediately obvious if you […]

How to force web server IP for an HTTP request (python example)

The easiest way to specify an http server IP address, when you want to FORCE a request to a specific server, is to make the http request to that IP, then just include the Host header. This is not immediately obvious if you do not have some knowledge of the http protocol. Here is how […]

WebLorean – The “Abusing the Past” script

Hi. You might remember this article: Today, I am making available a tool I coded in python, using Pythonized Selenium RC, ChromeDriver, BeautifulSoup 4 and Requests. All wonderful libraries. Download it from: Cheers!