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NIC.AR y RDAP – Consultas ‘tipo whois’ via http

NIC Argentina ( ha incorporado la funcionalidad RDAP a sus servicios, bien por ellos! Aunque hay una buena faq en su sitio, les dejo un par de detalles: La consulta se arma por DNI/CUIT/CUIL, nombre de dominio, id de entidad, etc. Usando curl y la herramienta json_pp (JSON Pretty-Print, viene con perl), aca unos ejemplos […]

How to use Nagios to monitor Microsoft’s SNDS status for your mail servers

So, if you are a good postmaster, you probably know about SNDS, JMRP and similar non-Microsoft programs. I find them extremely useful, and have integrated JMRP into my systems in such a way that I can tell exactly when some email issue affects my customers. Sometimes computers get infected by spam-sending malware, or new employees […]

WebLorean: a syadmin tool. a security tool.

Hi. On 19th November 2015 I published the WebLorean tool, which implements the technique described in my 2600 Article entitled “Abusing the Past”, which you can read here: The tool is useful for sysadmins, hostmasters, web designers (with linux knowledge), etc. It is also useful for pentesters! It might be immediately obvious if you […]

How to force web server IP for an HTTP request (python example)

The easiest way to specify an http server IP address, when you want to FORCE a request to a specific server, is to make the http request to that IP, then just include the Host header. This is not immediately obvious if you do not have some knowledge of the http protocol. Here is how […]

WebLorean – The “Abusing the Past” script

Hi. You might remember this article: Today, I am making available a tool I coded in python, using Pythonized Selenium RC, ChromeDriver, BeautifulSoup 4 and Requests. All wonderful libraries. Download it from: Cheers!  

Introducing fail2ban-zmq-tools: a fail2ban clustering solution based on zeromq

So, you might recall this article of mine: “Proactive Protection Enhancements for fail2ban, part 1” From June 2011. Ouch. Anyway, as I have always wanted to cluster up all my fail2ban servers, especially without opening security holes between them, I cooked up these set of scripts that use the AWESOME zeromq messaging API: I […]


I love music. Even before I even loved technology, I loved music. You know, it’s not really clear in my mind. I close my eyes and music and equipment/technology go hand in hand. Playing the piano: it was an electric organ, full of lights and knobs and pedals and STUFF. And one of the first […]

10 tips to become a Hacker

Originally published on: Titles. Heh. Today I found myself in the middle of a long email conversation with a young student from Germany. Someone related to fail2ban, one of the projects I contribute to. We share a love of music, and security. Somehow, I ended up opening up, and telling my story. How I […]

Abusing the Past (A 2600 Article, published Volume 32 Number One)

This article I wrote for 2600, was first published in 2600 Magazine (, Volume Thirty-Two, Number One, Spring 2015. As it has now been in physical circulation for some time, I now publish it online. Enjoy. Abusing the Past by Buanzo DISCLAIMER: If you do evil shit with this information, I hope something really bad […]

Falla de escalacion de privilegios en procesadores intel 64-bit

El CERT de Estados Unidos ha notificado de una falla en los procesadores Intel que podria permitir a atacantes tomar control de MS Windows (r) y otros sistemas operativos. El fallo fue notificado a traves de un advisory liberado esta semana. Se podria explotar la vulnerabilidad para ejecutar codigo malicioso con privilegios de kernel, segun […]