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[OFFTOPIC] Adult book by Sylvia Engdahl

This is a copy of an eMail I just got from Sylvia, a very talented writer woman who used to be a programmer a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time ago: == Hello, This is to let you know that the first six chapters … Sigue leyendo

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Congratulations, Kyle and family!

Just wanted to congratulate my friend Kyle Huff and his wife for bringing a new beautiful life to this world: A wonderful girl! 😀 I hope to see pictures soon enough, or I’ll travel and take them myself 🙂 Good … Sigue leyendo

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LAME Binaries for Download

If you need to obtain LAME binaries or libraries, visit – I have Binaries for Windows, OSX. I’ll be adding Linux and Solaries binaries later today. Sincerely,Buanzo

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Apache Frustration :P

Oh well, as I haven’t got one reply to all of my questions in modules-dev, and not even one comment regarding mod_openpgp when I introduced it to the httpd-dev guys, and given the fact that I’m stuck with a big … Sigue leyendo

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NEWS: Encryption of HTTP using OpenPGP

As you probably know already if you are a visitor of this blog, then you know I’m working on Enigform and mod_auth_openpgp. And you probably know that I’m currently working on GnuPG-encrypted HTTP Requests (unreleased draft named: «OpenPGP Extensions to … Sigue leyendo

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Nmap in Live Free or Die Hard

Remember Nmap‘s brief appearance in The Matrix Reloaded? Well, Fyodor, de author of Nmap, announced in the Nmap–Dev mailing list that he saw a late screening of Live Free or Die Hard, the latest Bruce Willis movie, and during the … Sigue leyendo

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Enigform 0.8.1 released!

Yes! Although this release will not go to, it’s being made public so you can test it! For more details, visit Freshmeat’s Enigform Page.

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mod_auth_openpgp 0.2.1 released

It’s been a while, but here it is: + OpenPGP Discovery Implemented – By SetHandler-ing /HTTP_OPENPGP_DISCOVERY to mao_Discovery, a client can tell if the server supports HTTP+OpenPGP. This will be enhanced soon, keep tuned!+ Skeleton for ImportKey handler ready. Will … Sigue leyendo

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Get a Virtual Haircut

Put on your headphones. NOW. Then press play. And try to keep your eyes closed. This is DAMN great 😀

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Encryption mechanism for HTTP

Hi people! I just posted the idea of how to implement encrypted http requests into Enigform and mod_auth_openpgp, the client and server implementations of the soon-to-be-released paper «OpenPGP Extensions to the HTTP Protocol». The idea is quite simple, and I … Sigue leyendo

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