mod_auth_openpgp packaged for Mandriva

Oden Eriksson has created a Mandrive 2008.0 RPM package. This is the first RPM for mod_auth_openpgp that appears out there 🙂 Let me remind you that Source Mage GNU/Linux also includes mod_auth_openpgp in the Grimoire. And the other news: I’m working on a new version of mod_auth_openpgp. It will include enhancements like signed http responses, […]

I need feedback/ideas for one mod_auth_openpgp issue

Hi people! I’m in the process of adding response signing to mod_auth_openpgp, and the obvious issue here is that I need to pass gpgme the secret passphrase to unlock the private key. It’s the classic SSL passphrase issue all admins work around by using a passwordless certificate, so I really am looking forward for some […] closes for non-US listeners

Yep, the famous online music streaming site that helps you find new artists based on your musical preferences, no longer allows listeners from outside the United States, because of legal issues with licencing. 🙁

Excellent Apache APR Programming Tutorial

Hey, I just found this wonderful Apache Portable Runtime programming tutorial. If you mix that tutorial with the modules programming documentation over at, you’ll get LOTS of useful code examples and knowledge that will make your apache programming experience far easier. Sincerely,Buanzo

Enigform and mod_auth_openpgp news report.

Hi people, Just to let you know that Enigform and mod_auth_openpgp, the Firefox and Apache modules for HTTP+OpenPGP I’ve written, are now listed under the “Tools” section of the official GNU Privacy Guard site. Later this week, or maybe net week, I’ll be announcing some great news that happened to me. I will only advance […]

Integrate Slashdot to Blogger Templates

If you want to have a “Submit this story to slashdot” link for every blog post you create through, then use this code I’ve just crafted. Basicly, you just need to replace title and location.href in the original Slashdot code with and respectively. Hope its useful for you! And don’t forget to check out […]

Interview: Free Software Magazine

I’ve been interviewed by Tony Mobily from the Free Software Magazine about Enigform. Check it out, spread! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

mod_auth_openpgp 0.2.0 released

Hi people! mao now adds more useful headers, providing Email address, Fingerprint, Name and Comment! This allows FAR MORE control! For example, we can now setup a mod_access to rule to give buanzo at access to a private directory, etc. Check out the included README for more details and examples! You can download it […]

DJ Franco Bianco Tour Dates Europe 2007

Franco is one of the most wonderful DJs from Argentina. He’s also my friend (proof of that: we became friends during the BBS Age, he was one of my users at the Dark Game / System Fork BBS). Well, I could also mention that he played in my last 3 birthday parties, AND in my […]

Sys Admin Magazine: Enigform Article

Hi! Just to tell you an Enigform / mod_auth_opengp article authored by me will be published in the August issue of the famous Sys Admin Magazine! I must deliver the article by the first week of May, so, well, I’ll stop coding and start writing. On other news, the Freshmeat crew has asked for my […]