mod_auth_openpgp 0.1.0 released

UPDATE: Version 0.2.0 released. Hi! mod_auth_openpgp 0.1.0, which is Apache’s counterpart for Firefox’s Enigform, is an OpenPGP verification module for incoming signed HTTP requests which, along mod_access, lets web administrators implement access authorization for valid, OpenPGP-signed requests. Quick-Building instructions: Edit to suit your needs/desires. Run it: ./ Modify your Apache’s configuration as needed (see […]

Make it happen: Support my band

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Enigform Article in Freshmeat

I’ve written an article about Enigform and mod_auth_openpgp, and it has just been published on Freshmeat! I really am happy 🙂 You can read it from here. Yours,Buanzo.

NSESCRIPT Updated HTTP Open Proxy test

Hey! 🙂 As announced, here is the latest HTTP Open Proxy test script for Nmap NSE. Download it from here. ENJOY IT! Buanzo.

NSESCRIPT Updated SMTP Open Relay

Hi people! Today, 13th Friday, I’ve updated and released a new version of my Nmap NSE script “SMTP Open Relay Test”. Grab it from HERE. It will run a series of tests against SOME_HOST, using service detection (-sV) on the standard ports (-F), then run the script SMTP_openrelay_test.lua against those ports that have a running […]

mod_auth_openpgp ALPHA released

UPDATE: New Version available, Beta. Also check/subscribe to releases through Freshmeat. Hi guys! What is this? Simple: Remember Enigform, the Firefox extension I wrote so HTTP requests could be signed using OpenPGP? Well, this is an Apache module to support access authorization at Apache’s global server/virtualhost/directory level. Pretty neat 😛 I just wanted to let […]

Enigform for Apache: mod_auth_openpgp

Hi people! Now that Enigform for Firefox 0.8.0 is about to be released, I’ve decided it was time to freeze it for a while. This will allow me to finish the Apache module mod_auth_openpgp, which will allow webmasters to implement per VirtualHost and per Directory/Location access authorization. To give you a better image: OpenPGPEngine OnOpenPGPKeyring […]

Enigform at!

Yes! The new Mozilla Addons site, called AMO by it’s community, is now working… and Enigform (starting from 0.7.8) can now be found there! So, I recommend you install it from there from now on, so you can be notified of new releases as soon as possible. Of course, for development builds, and alternative installations […]

Anonymous Internet Browsing Service

Hi! I’ve setup a service that many of you will find useful. It is a PROXY server (paid monthly, via paypal) that hides your IP, hides certain HTTP Headers, and also prevents the famous DNS Leaking issue. In short, an Anonymizing Proxy. Why one more service as there are lots of them already? Simple: I’m […]

Mac OSX Support for Enigform (v0.7.4)

Hi people, Enigform 0.7.4 has been released, and it supports MacGPG under OSX. Check it out form the usual place: Yours,Buanzo