Me voy a Francia – Trophees du Libre – Enigform y mod_openpgp

Amigos, fui seleccionado como uno de los tres finalistas en la categoria Seguridad de los Trophees du Libre 2009: KSplice, Inquisitor y Enigform son los tres proyectos en la misma. Es un orgullo y un honor compartir esta alegria con Jeff Arnold y Mikhail Yakshin. Nos vemos alla!

OWASP EU Summit 2008 – Summary

ALGARVE, PORTUGAL, November 7, 2008 – The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) today announced results from the annual OWASP Summit. Over 80 application security experts from over 20 countries joined forces to identify, coordinate, and prioritize our 2009 efforts to create a more secure Internet. OWASP is a free and open community that focuses […]

Enigform granted Trusted Status in!

Eric Jung (author of FoxyProxy and an AMO Editor) nominated my Enigform firefox extension for Trusted status. Moments later, I got this email from Basil Hashem from Mozilla: Buanzo, because of your history of successful releases and for your strong reputation in the FOSS community, I’ve granted “trusted” status for Enigform. Next time you upload […]

Jacob Appelbaum joined the Enigform / mod_openpgp team!

More details:

Feedback Request. Ideas for an Enigform/mod_openpgp website / plugin.

Enigform / mod_openpgp is an OpenPGP enhancement for HTTP session management and request signing/verification. Would you like to see support for it on phpBB, wordpress or a wiki system like pmWiki, or would you rather create a from-ground-zero Enigform-enabled DEMO website? – This is an OWASP Endorsed project. Disccusion is on this forum thread:

New Enigform Test Site

Go to if you wish to test Enigform 0.8.2 against the new mod_openpgp module I’m about to release (thanks to’s second fund grant!). It works both in Linux and Windows (OSX not tested), and also supports Firefox 3. You need latest Enigform and GnuPG installed. More details on the maotest site. Sincerely, Buanzo. […]