Proactive protection enhancements for fail2ban – Part 1

Update 2015/August/16: YOU MIGHT WISH TO CHECK THIS OUT INSTEAD: Introducing fail2ban, and first steps towards sharing attacker’s IP by Arturo ‘Buanzo’ Busleiman Fail2ban is a lovely python-based tool written by Cyril Jaquier that monitors different logfiles for lines matching regular expressions.  From those lines it extracts the attackers IP address, and runs a […]

FIX: fail2ban does not work in Ubuntu 10.04

In Ubuntu 10.04, rsyslogd is used. That means that, by default, it compresses repeated syslog messages like this: Failed password for root from port 22 ssh2 last message repeated 5 time So, fail2ban count would be ‘1’ for the attack coming from that IP. The fix: sudo sed -i ‘s/RepeatedMsgReduction\ on/RepeatedMsgReduction\ off/’ /etc/rsyslog.conf sudo […]

I’m now a fail2ban developer :D

Cyral Jaquier, fail2ban’s author, has given me write access to fail2ban’s subversion repository. 😀 I’m very happy!

Fail2ban rules for lighttpd fastcgi alerts

So, if you don’t know what fail2ban is.. then you should be visiting their site first 🙂 – In short, it’s a simple tool for Unix-based systems that monitors log files while applying regular expression rules searching for a match. When a match is found, the IP or host mentioned in the match gets blocked […]