Lighttpd Book – Chapter 10 for free download!

The people at Packt Publishing offered me a free copy of their new book about Lighttpd. While I finish my review, I’d like to share with you the Chapter 10 (FREE PDF Download click here). They gave me permission to offer Chapter 10, which talks about lighttpd migration from Apache. Take a look at it, […]

SOLUCION: Como hacer andar Elgg con lighttpd (.htaccess mod_rewrite rules for elgg lighttpd)

Si tienen problemas en hacer andar Elgg en lighttpd, seguro que ya descubrieron que el mayor problema es la compatibilidad entre .htaccess de Apache y el mod_rewrite de ligghtpd. Utilicen estas reglas de lighttpd mod_rewrite y listo. If you have issues getting elgg to function properly under lighttpd, then you probably already noticed that the […]