Proactive protection enhancements for fail2ban – Part 1

Update 2015/August/16: YOU MIGHT WISH TO CHECK THIS OUT INSTEAD: Introducing fail2ban, and first steps towards sharing attacker’s IP by Arturo ‘Buanzo’ Busleiman Fail2ban is a lovely python-based tool written by Cyril Jaquier that monitors different logfiles for lines matching regular expressions.  From those lines it extracts the attackers IP address, and runs a […]

Nagus: A Nagios filesystem for FUSE

A couple days ago I had the crazy idea of creating a Nagios filesystem for FUSE. As you might probably know, FUSE allows easy creation of filesystems, like a Wikipedia filesystem, an SFTP filesystem, or real filesystems like ntfs-3g! So, as I’ve always wanted to have some sort of programmatic access to Nagios from my […]

Python versus Ruby. Best comparison ever.

I was googling for DRb alternatives in Python (I found pyro and dopy, but decided on pyro as it has an Ubuntu package), and came across this excellent post. Check it out, but this is the jam of the toast: To me, from a practical programming perspective (say that 10 times fast), Python and Ruby […]